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I Already Miss the Future - Augusto de Campos Discusses the Creations of Concrete Poetry on the Occasion of his Retrospective at Sesc Pompeia

Curated by Daniel Rangel
Sesc Pompeia São Paulo

"Augusto de Campos turned eighty-five. For me he is Brazil’s greatest living poet. He digs into the depths of poetry—in its history, in its meaning in-between the arts" —Caetano Veloso, in the catalog for the REVER  retrospective

Anyone who lives off the art of writing or graphic arts in Brazil just can’t help a feeling of positive jealousy toward Augusto de Campos. This visual poet casts a spell on everyone who comes across the metamorphosis he surgically dissects onto the universe of the word with unparalleled knowledge of its meaning, relations, layers, silence and imagery, transforming the Portuguese idiom into a lively, rhythmic, evolving language that enquires about itself and the world. He achieves aesthetic perfection while conducting a purist orchestra of visual phonetics, semantics and graphic art, namely Concrete Poetry, which he created in the early 1950s with his older brother Haroldo de Campos (1929-2003) and Décio Pignatari (1927-2012).  Among others, the trio’s poetic adventure was ignited by James Joyce’s book, "Finnegans Wake" and his portmanteaus, which the Campos brothers would later interpret into Portuguese in a masterful translation of the Irish writer.

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